My brother is nine years older than me. My mother was a teacher when she was young. In the 1980s, when the teacher allowed me to have a second child, my mother gave birth to me, which is to find a partner for my brother. I wrote this article because of a message he sent me - "I will support you no matter how much money I have to pay for tuition." because the school I am studying in now is about scholarships. Scholarships are about academic achievements, so from the first day of studying here, I have a lot of pressure on my mind. The first year's performance is not so good. Maybe I have to pay a lot of money. I only talked about this with my parents, but never with my brother. Because he has become a family, I don't think he is responsible for my problems (of course, I'm ashamed, parents have any responsibility for my problems, I think it's better to repay later). But what I didn't expect was that on the first day of my return to school in summer vacation, the second text message from my brother talked about this matter, "support you as much as you like". For the past few days, whenever I see this text message, my heart is soft and my eyes are wet. I don't care what my brother's action is. This is enough When the door of the past memory opens, I still remember the picture of my childhood My mother is very busy teaching every day, so in a very small time, the task of taking care of me mostly falls on my brother's head. In my impression, my brother has always been very painful to me. He called my nickname in life. Sometimes he called my sister emotionally, but he always called my sister by texting. A person in his 30s often talks about his sister, so sometimes I feel that my brother is too emotional.